The History of Our Group

TNL International is part of the TIL Logistics family. TIL Logistics is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Over time, TIL was created through the amalgamation of long-standing and respected New Zealand transport companies with origins dating back to 1869.

TIL Logistics provides transport, logistics and warehousing throughout New Zealand with 800+ transport vehicles, 1200+ employees and 40 strategically-placed branches representing TIL Logistics’ brands including TIL Freight (incorporating Hooker Pacific Transport and TNL Freight) and newly-acquired companies such as Move Logistics, NZL Group, McAuley’s Transport, and Pacific Fuelhaul, a certified nationwide petroleum delivery fleet.

TNL International utilises the resources of TIL to provide fully-integrated domestic logistics solutions. TIL uses TNL  International to advise and consult their clients on international solutions.

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